GASS HOLE #1: Kenneth King, also known as Chief GASS HOLE in charge.  The Master mechanic on site.

GASS HOLE #2: Dusty King, our lazy GASS HOLE, he really doesn't do much, but we keep him around for laughs.

GASS HOLE #3: Cody King, our stubborn GASS HOLE, specializes in engine repair and rebuilds.  In his off time, Cody likes to eat.

GASS HOLE #4: Corey King, our most sensitive GASS HOLE, specializes in welding and fabrication.  In his off time, Corey enjoys photography, and taking long walks.

GASS HOLE #5: Jeffery King: our most emotional GASS HOLE, he can go from happy to mad in about 0.5 seconds! Jeffery specializes in all aspects of mechanic duties. 

GASS HOLE #6:  Dylan King:  due to his age (11), Dylan is our GASS HOLE in training. He loves to help and learn and mostly follows the chief GASS HOLE around.


Come and see for yourself. Bring us your ideas, repair concerns, obscure vehicle, modification requests or just to talk about cars .

  ‚Äč‚ÄčAuto, truck, motorcycle, tractor, semi, trailer, repair, modifications, fabrication and restoration

Our Team

GASS HOLE GARAGE is a full service family owned shop just southeast of San Antonio, Texas. GASS HOLES (formally known as Southeast Unlimited Auto Repair) was established in 1998.  It began as a one man operation, but I had aspirations that my five sons would grow up and become GASS HOLES just like their dear old dad. Let me tell you, dreams do come true!  I am surrounded by GASS HOLES everyday!  Needless to say, we are a bunch of GASS HOLES, but we live, breathe, and dream cars. We are dedicated to superior and honest service, even if we are a bunch of GASS HOLES!!!   

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